campfireAlways have a plan when you burn.

Check to be sure that there are no restrictions on outdoor burning. You can check on burning restrictions by calling the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Division of Forest Resources at 919-733-2162, or

Obtain a burn permit. You can obtain a burn permit at the Orange Grove Fire Station 1 located at 6800 Orange Grove Rd Hillsborough, NC or you may apply for a burn permit online using the North Carolina Forest Service web site.

Burn only natural material such as leaves, limbs, and grass. It is illegal to burn household waste.

Burn soon after a rain. Do not burn during drought periods or when there are high winds.

Cut or clear a path around burn piles that is free from any combustible materials.

Keep burn piles at least 1000 feet away from any structures and 250 feet from roads.

Do not use any accelerants to start the fire. Using gasoline to start a fire is extremely dangerous and serious injury or death may result.

Always keep tools such as a shovel and a rake, as well as a water supply, close at hand.

Never leave the fire un-attended.

For more safety information or helpful tips on outdoor burning, contact the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources at 919-732-8105 or visit their web site.